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The United Church of Christ
The History of St. Paul Church
Original Church on Third Street (1871-1916)
Rev. Nathaniel Lehmann (1896-1913)
Rev. G. K. Krause (1914-1920)
New Church on Third Street (1917-1958)
Rev. Paul Bourquin (1920-1929)

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The Fiftieth Anniversary
Hanging the bell in St. Paul steeple
Rev. Ernst Irion (1929-1953)
Seventieth Anniversary
Seventy-fifth Anniversary
Sanctuary at 250 Third Street
Classroom in church basement
Eighty-fifth Anniversary
Rev. Walter Reif (1953-1962)
Page 3
East River Road: A New Home
Sanctuary of East River Road church without pews
Architect's Statement
Sanctuary of Current Church
Rev. Bruce Kriete (1962-1968)
Rev. John Bertsch (1969-1971)
One Hundreth Anniversary
Rev. Martin Waidmann (1972-1988)
Rev. Kevan Franklin (1989-1999)
125th Anniversary
Rev. Dr. Allen H. Grothe (2002-2011)
Rev. Bret Myers (2013-Present)
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Stained-glass windows

Our Stained-Glass Windows
The artist and creator of our sanctuary windows, and the doorlight over the main entrance, was Mr. Douglas Phillips of the Phillips Stained Glass Studio, Cleveland, Ohio.

Entrance Window
The rarely-seen window over the original front door to the church shows the symbol of St. Paul the Apostle. His shield contains an open Bible and a sword, representing the Word of God as "the Sword of the Spirit" (Gladius Spiritus). The design was selected because our congregation bears the name of the great Apostle. This window has been given by Mrs. Mary Jehle in memory of her father, Frederick Schaible, one of the charter members of St. Paul Church.

The sanctuary windows have been so designed that the general effect is intended to be a continuous glass wall with movement from one panel to the other. The theme expressed in the windows is the historical and contemporary approach to Christ and the Church. The windows on the north side symbolize the historical and those on the south the contemporary.

The Nativity of Christ
Manger Window
The historical window shows the Bethlehem star and the crib, expressing Christ's entrance into the world with humility. The contemporary window, with the lamp and scepter, symbolizes that Christ's coming marks the bringing of Christian light into the world which we recognize as the Word of God leading to Christ's exaltation. Historical in memory of Bertha Quade Potter, given by Walter Potter and Karl Quade; Contemporary in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mocsny, given by the George Mocsny family.

The baptism of Jesus by John is the promise of Salvation through Baptism in today's Church. The historical window represents water flowing out of a shell and in the contemporary window can be seen the baptismal fount and the descent of the Holy Spirit. Historical in memory of Anna Aebie, given by the Aebie family; Contemporary in memory of Frank Brown, given by Mr. and Mrs. William Brown, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. William Brown, Jr.

The Call to the Ministry
The calling of James and John, Peter and Andrew, seen in the fish net and fish is the prototype of the call to ministerial sacrifice implied in Ordination visualized by the chalice, book, and stole. Historical in memory of Richard Dumke and Charles Schaible; Contemporary in memory of Edward K. Wagner and Louise Schultz.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion
The Last Supper in the Upper Room and Christ's commandments are paralleled by Holy Communion in today's Church. Historical in memory of Henry Pomeroy, given by his wife; Contemporary in memory of Gust A. Quade, given by the Quade family.

Chirst's Suffering and Scourging
The historical window shows the elements of scourging and the contemporary assures us of atonement for our sins through Christ's suffering. Historical in memory of Henry Moehle; Contemporary in memory of George C. Becker, given by the Rudy Krieg family.

The Crucifixion
This is the supreme example of sacrifice. The sacrifice of Christ on the Cross is the giving of his life for the world. He is the Lamb of God. These windows given by Mr. William Holdy in memory of his wife, Margaret, and his son, Glenn.

The Resurrection
Christ's Resurrection assures us of eternal life. The historical window shows the open tomb and the contemporary window the Easter lily. Historical in memory of Gretta Miller, given by Mrs. Edward Krebs; Contemporary in memory of Mary Fox, given by Arthur Moelk, Lona Prihoda, William Fox, Wilson Fox, and Louise Beers.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit
St. Paul Window
The descent of the Spirit is represented by the dove, and the contemporary picture shows the reception of the Spirit through Confirmation. Historical in memory of Harry Anderson, given by his wife; Contemporary in memory of Mrs. Beryl Everett Hoffman, given by Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Everett, Mr. and Mrs. Rolling Everett, and Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Everett.

God's Holy Word
In the historical panel the evangelists wrote as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. The figure in the contemporary panel is a Bible. The letters V.D.M.A. belong to the Latin words, "Verbum Dei manet (in) aeternum", meaning "the Word of God remains forever". Historical in memory of Edna Vietzen, given by her family; Contemporary in memory of Ferdinand F. Wirth, Martha W. Wirth, and Ferdinand F. Wirth, Jr., given by Mrs. Elma Gard, Norman Wirth and Mrs. Ferd Wirth, Jr.

The Faith of the Church
Historically the marks of the Church are faith and trust in the Word of God and Christ's sacrifice. The contemporary panel expresses the belief that the Church, represented by the ship, is the door to the salvation of the world. The outline of a door can be seen near the drawing of the world.

The Relation of Christ and the Church
First St. Paul Church
Window saved from the original church on Third Street
The relation of Christ and the Church is compared to the relation of husband and wife in marriage. In the historical panel the Church is build upon Christ the Rock, who in love reaches out for his people as Friend. The corporate aspect of the Church is seen in the family, represented by the marriage ring and baby. Historical in memory of Grandfather, Rev. N. D. Lehmann, given by Mr. and Mrs. George Bird and family. Contemporary in memory of Florence Welton McCauley.

The End of the Christian Life
The hand of God is shown containing small figures, referring to the saying, "The Souls of the Righteous are in the hand of God." The contemporary panel portrays the triumph of the Gospel in the world. Historical in memory of Mr. Louis Chervenka, given by his wife; Contemporary in memory of the Facklers, given by Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Fackler and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Fackler.

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